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As specialists for public, commercial and private gardens, our diverse range of services includes lawn and bed maintenance, tree and shrub pruning, leaf and wild herb removal, as well as cleaning and maintenance of traffic areas. And as experts in grey and green area maintenance, we also develop and implement full-service concepts from a single source for our clients‘ outdoor facilities. 


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Our services in gardening and landscaping

Green and grey area maintenance

Do you have an outdoor area with green spaces, beds and paths/parking areas that need to be regularly maintained, e.g. by cutting the grass, removing wild herbs and leaves? Do you need mulching to cover the beds or the right watering? Are you looking for a reliable partner, who will provide you with individual and professional advice and who will actively and passionately take care of your garden at any time of the year? Then you have the best partner with us. Because a well-maintained outdoor area is like a good business card – the first impression counts. 

New planting and replanting

Do you want to make changes in your garden with natural and flowering perennials, shrubs and trees by replacing or redesigning plants? We will be happy to work with you to develop an individual planting plan that includes both, your existing plants and new plants for the healthy growth of flora and fauna, and implement it – sustainably. 


Are you looking for experts to take care of your trees and shrubs? We offer pruning services, whether it’s the topiary of a single shrub, a hedge trim or the pruning of trees. We remove dead wood and professionally clear roads, paths and driveways of overhanging wooden plants. We are also happy to be your partner for clearing construction sites or felling trees. 

Watering solutions

Automatic irrigation systems offer public, commercial and private green spaces convenient solutions for their sustainable and efficient maintenance. In addition to the resource-saving use of water, plants are thus optimally supplied according to their needs. And this takes into account the topography of the terrain, as well as the local conditions and the use of water-storing granulates. 

We plan the app-controlled irrigation solution in your existing or new plant for you individually and of course also implement it technically.



Would you like to recultivate an area that has been used before commercially and leave it in a natural state or make it bee-friendly? Leave your ecological footprint and contact us. We are aware of the requirements of nature conservation and species protection and will support you with professionalism and passion so that your project can be successful implemented. 

Our clientele

You do not have the possibility or the time for the maintenance of your green space or garden? Then we would be happy to be your reliable partner. We have the know-how and many years of experience in maintenance of outdoor and park areas, especially in the Aachen, Düren, Heinsberg, Mönchengladbach and Viersen area. Our clientele consists of, among others: 

We are pre-qualified and thus listed in the official register of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce for public contracts.

Winter service

We are partners for snow and ice removal on pavements, roads and car parks. Our winter service works conscientiously and cleans sidewalks and driveways professionally with the appropriate snow removal equipment.

The winter maintenance equipment used enables a particularly environmentally friendly winter service with a high degree of efficiency and a green footprint. Because with salt-free winter grit, liquid de-icers and de-icing agents, wearing the Blue Angel eco-label, the impact on materials is minimised and even areas, where conventional winter products cannot be used, are made absolutely safe.

Qualifications & Memberships

We are prequalified by the Aachen Chamber of Industry and Commerce.